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Apartment house with 5 apartments including each 3-5 beds, equipped for living, preparation and consumption of food.

All suites are air conditioned, have their own entrance, parking, satellite TV and a grill. Apartments are at the service from june to november. Beach proximity is just few minutes driving with car, and on foot only 15 - 20 minutes.

We offer the ability to transport guests to Zadar, Split, Sabunika and reverse.

GPS position of the apartment:

Width: 44N 15' 19.199"
Length: 15E 9' 25.081"

About Sabunike

This tourist settlement, 20 km away from Zadar (3 km away from Nin and the tourist resort Zaton) is very well known for its long sandy beaches, crystal clear water and its curative muds.

You can enjoy pleasant swimming in the shallow and clear water from the months of May and June on. Children can carelessly swim and play on the warm sand. There is the curative mud, found on the nereby beach,whose curative properties, along with the sun and warm water, make thermotherapy possible and helps to cure various rheumatics, arthritis, female infertility… The therapy is conducted under the doctor's observation in the open space. It has been used since the day of the Roman Empire.

In this tourist resort there are supermarkets, market-places, butcher shops, baker shops, souvenir shops, news-stands, phone-boxes,tourist office,entertainment centre for children: merry-go-rounds, video games, swings, toboggans, etc.


The place itself was named after its sand. Its sandy beaches cover an area of about 20 km, from the oldest Croatian town Nin over Sabunike to the island of Vir. It is the region of warm, shallow and long sandy lagoons positioned far away from the roads and traffic jam.

The shallowness of the water and the fact that the place is drawn in the land enables the temperature to rise by 2 to 3 degrees, which means there is the difference in temperature between this part of the coast and the high seas. All this contributes to the developing of aerosols and salts.

From the apartments "Zora", you can visit Zadar or make a one day trip to the island of Pag . By visiting Sabunike and the area, you will see why Sabunike is one of the most desireable destinations for family tourism and you can  see the offer of charter boats in Zadar.

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